Two Articles on Scoping (Problem Creation)

United States Presidential Commission on Environmental Qualtiy:
the process by which the scope of the issues and alternatives to be examined in an Environmental Impact Statement is determined

Scoping Your Data Mart Implementation
The top 10 questions to ask when scoping your data mart.
 1. What is the need or problem the data mart is intended to solve?
2. Are you getting this information in some other form (paper reports, standalone workstation, and so on) today?
3. What will be the first question you ask when the data mart is up and running?
4. What will you do with the information once youýve acquired it?
5. What is more important to you: the information you retrieve or the way you see that information?
6. Are other users in your area or department interested in the same reports that you are?
7. How will you know whether the data mart has been successful?
8. What do you see as potential barriers to the success criteria?
9. Once the data mart meets the success criteria, what other business problems might it solve?
10. How will the data mart benefit your company as a whole?