Homework Assignment 7: Education and Job Satisfaction

Think about the implications about your findings in Assighments 1, 2, 3, and 6.

Then write an insightful, common-sense based essay about the relation between education, salary, and job satisfaction in the company from thich the data came,

You should mention the most relevant quantitative results of the four assignments,but you essay should not be an essay about numbers, equations, regression, algebra,or arithmetic. 
It should be an essay about what the analysis, taken as a whole, seems to be telling us aboutwhy some groups of people, on average, are more satisfied with their jobs in this company than other groups of people.

Your discussion should include evidence that you have a common snese understanding of what it really means that cell G19 of the tab "Multiple" on the spreadsheet Jobsat.xls is a negative number.

Put your essay in the BODY of an email, not a Word or Excel attachment.
Do not attach anything.
Address the email to oochitel [at] sofia [dot] whalen3 [dot] org

The subject line of your email must be the three characters HW7 followed by one space and yyour name.
PLEASE do not use a different subject line; it interferes with the emails going where they need to go to be graded!
Do not combine multiple assignments into the same email.