Homework Assignment 5: Sales and Advertising

The spreadsheet Advertising.xls contains two analyses of a single data set showing
the advertising and the sales of a particular product over a period of time.
Carefully examine and compare the two analyses, and write a one-page essay in the body of your email discussing what the spreadsheet tells you about how sales and advertising are related for this product..  Back up your analysis with a discussion of real-world reasons why your findings represent something that often occurs in the real world.

For your convenience, I have included a copy of the spreadsheet in formulas version on a separate tab; the contents of the two tabs are the same except for the formatting.  Click here to see it.

Answer the questions in the BODY of an email, not a Word or Excel attachment.
Address the email to oochitel [at] sofia [dot] whalen3 [dot] org
The subject line of your email must be the three characters HW5 followed by one space and your name.
PLEASE do not use a different subject line; it interferes with the emails going where they need to go to be graded!
Do not combine multiple assignments into the same email.

For this assignment, you do not have to attach any spreadsheet.  Your entire grade is based on the one page essay.

Work individually.  Do not copy another's work or files.  Do not allow another to copy your work or files,  
Do not work with someone on a common rough draft  that you both copy from.