Homework Assignment 4: Bulgarian Population Trends

Create a new, blank Excel spreadsheet
        Each student must start with a new blank Excel worksheet
        File sharing of any kind, even raw data, is not allowed.
Go to the website  "Bulgaria 2002"  You will need the free pdf reader/
Click "Select Text"
Highlight the contents of Table 2 on the fourth page of the file, which is numbered page 132
Copy the highlighted material and paste it into your blank spreadsheet.
If you do NOT see a number when you put the cursor in a cell in column B, C, and D,
Highlight the data, click "Data" "Text to Columns" "Delimited" "space"

A few cells have incorrect thousand separators.  Fix them as  follows
Click Edit,  click Replace.
In the "Find what" box, type the single character "." (without the quotes)
Do NOT type anything at all in the "Replace with" box
Click "Replace all"

Highlight the database (including the words "Year    Total    Men    Women" )
Click the graph icon or else click "Insert" and "chart"
Select  "XY Scatter" then "finish"
You'll see a graph with a row of dots qt the top and two rows below that are too close together to distinguish.  Click one of the dots in the top row (total) population) and touch the Delete key.
Now you'll see a separate row of symbols for women and another row for men.
Right-Click one of the symbols for women, choose "Add Trendline," and click "OK"
Do the same for the men.

Attach your spreadsheet to an email to oochitel [at] sofia
[dot] whalen3 [dot] org
The subject line of your email must be the three characters HW4 followed by one space and your name.
PLEASE do not use a different subject line; it interferes with the emails going where they need to go to be graded!
Do not combine multiple assignments into the same email.

In the ***BODY*** of  the email (NOT a Word or Excel attachment!)
include a one page essay about what a manager can learn from the analysis done in Assignment 4.