"Objectives" in Various Flavors of Decision Making

Type of Decision:    Conflicting "Objectives"       
Multiple Objectives My car should have a low price
It should also be roomy & luxurious
Risky Decisions Do well in rain; 
Do well in shine
Games Do well if opponent attacks on left
Do well if opponent attacks on right
Social Choice Satisfy you
Satisfy me

Voting Schemes:
Plurality with Runoff
Sequential Runnoff  ("drop the lowest")
Borda Count  (top 10 football teams)
Condorcet  (avoid agenda effect)

Median Voter Theory I often think it's comical--Fal, lal, la!                
How Nature always does contrive--Fal, lal, la!
That every boy and every gal
That's born into the world alive
Is either a little Liberal
Or else a little Conservative!-- Fal, lal, la!
--Iolanthe, Act II Scene 1,by Gilbert & Sullivan

Approval Voting